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The Europhobic haters and liars continue their war on all things American. Columbus out, “First People” in.

“Christopher Columbus didn’t find us,” he said. “We have our own creation stories, our own language, our own history.”

Lente later learned the Italian explorer, who set out to find a trade route to Asia, landed in the Bahamas in October 1492 and never set foot on what would become the United States. He concluded that Columbus “led genocide, rape, pillage and death, and he tried to extinguish a large Native American population.”

This year, Lente, a second-term Democrat in a state where more than a tenth of residents are American Indian successfully sponsored a bill ditching Columbus Day, fighting back attempts to rename the holiday New Mexico Day or Friendship Day.

Instead, the new Indigenous Peoples’ Day state holiday will be celebrated with Native American dancers, speakers, arts and food at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque.

Add Columbus, add the whole Age of Exploration to the never-ending list of things conservatives failed to conserve. One will also note, in the article, strains of anti-Messianic hate. Go figure. War, rape, murder, cannibalism, and slavery were a-okay – so long as they were separate and apart from the Europeans? Oh, wait. They probably leave all of that out. Also, I’d imagine that they leave off the fact that the “First People” weren’t exactly the first people in the Americas. That prize goes to … the Solutreans, ancient ancestors of people like Columbus. When do they get their day?

Happy Columbus Day, 2019!