Once again, if you missed it:


**Who killed Geoffrey Steinberg?!?!?!**

     … ‘That was Steinberg Island.’ Langley reported. ‘Emphasis on the was part. Until we ran radiological scans we had assumed it was a small nuke. It wasn’t. What you just watched was a thermobaric in action.’

     ‘Damn big one too.’ Tom added.

     ‘Yeah. Too big. From what we’re gathering, that was the largest non-nuclear bomb in the world. Bigger than anything we have. Or the Russians or anyone else. Whole island is gone. Crushed and incinerated.’ The voice continued, ‘The press doesn’t know it. Bureau either. But… Steinberg was on his island at the time. He’s dead.’

     ‘Good! Thank God!’ Tom yelled. ‘Case closed, huh? Well, thanks for the good news. I’ll SLEEP well now.’

     ‘Hang on, Tom, there’s more.’ The voice conferred with someone in the background and continued. ‘Anything strike you as funny about…

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