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More joys curtesy of the government schools. When sharing means not caring.

Classroom sharing has become increasingly popular in public schools across the U.S. in recent years. It occurs when teachers utilize the same room at different times throughout the day to teach in schools where there is a shortage of space. Rather than purchase trailers or build additional wings in their buildings, many districts ask their teachers to share their rooms. It’s perceived as a cost-effective alternative and as a way to maximize available space within the building.

While it may appear to be financially cost-effective for schools to ask their teachers to share classrooms, there is indeed a high price tag attached to this approach.

Here are 3 reasons classroom sharing is a very bad idea in public education:

1. Teachers prefer their own space.

2. Students’ needs are disregarded.

3. It creates a bully school culture.

Read that article. Above, point two is the most important and point three doesn’t refer to what or who you might think. Schools that have this problem generally have many, many more. Come to think of it, Tom Ironsides experienced some of this “fun.” You’ll read about that soon.