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With a predictable answer. PCR wants to know where the indictments are against the leaders of the ongoing coup.

The Republicans are simply too stupidly patriotic to indict a president, so they tell Trump, just let bygones be bygones. Don’t establish the precedent of bringing a former president and his top officials to indictments that will result in conviction and imprisonment. This, the Republicans believe, will destroy the people’s belief in their government, and the US will become just another “banana republic or African dictatorship.” To save America, Trump is being told, you have to turn your eyes away from the sedition of the Democrats and the Deep State.

In other words, he is being advised: “Let them get you.” So much for Trump’s advisors. So much for Trump appointing such stupid advisors.

This misplaced and idiotic superpatriotism immobilizes the stupid party and leaves the initiative with the determined party, a party that ignores all facts and whose media shills drown out any facts that manage to get expressed.

Trump is guilty of the undefined and unsubstantiated, and that is enough for the American media. Is it enough for the American people?

The coming collapse and instability of “the world’s only superpower” is going to be stunning.

It’s obvious they’re with the “sealed military indictments” – they don’t exist. But, “stunning” is the right word – one of them. 2033 might be an overly optimistic date.