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PCR, as always, is right on it.

Every seam of the foundation of Western civilization has been opened, and the building is collapsing. The US government and local police operate on the principle that “might makes right.” A majority of the younger generations cannot tell facts from opinion. Integrity is understood as something that gets in the way of your success. Success is measured in money. Nothing can be trusted. Democracy is impotent, because explanations are controlled in behalf of agendas. Free speech, guaranteed by the founding document of the country, isoffensive” and on its way out. The only scholarship and research that universities permit and institutions fund is that which supports official explanations and the ruling elite’s agendas. Evidence no longer counts as Russiagate and the latest accusation against Trump prove. Even in criminal indictments, conviction rests on allegations alone in 97% of felony cases.

Over the course of my life I have watched America be destroyed. Those born into a destroyed country don’t know that it has been destroyed. As the destruction progresses, each generation born into it simply sees what they are born into as normal. The younger the generation, the less it knows of its country’s destruction. As they are educated to understand their history as one built on slavery, they think that all that has been lost is slavery. Given this enculturation of the young, how can Humpty-Dumpty be put back together again?

He may have just a few years on me, but I can easily identify the decline I’ve seen in my lifetime. And, he’s right about the younger generations thinking this is all normal as it’s all they’ve ever known. I hope he’s wrong that the damage done is permanent.

But … happy October! Great stuff coming this month!