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An unnamed CIA agent, probably a sinecure paper-pusher if he even exists, is at the bottom (or somewhere) of the Ukraine! hoax.

The White House learned that a C.I.A. officer had lodged allegations against President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine even as the officer’s whistle-blower complaint was moving through a process meant to protect him against reprisals, people familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

The officer first shared information about potential abuse of power and a White House cover-up with the C.I.A.’s top lawyer through an anonymous process, some of the people said. The lawyer shared the officer’s concerns with White House and Justice Department officials, following policy. Around the same time, the officer separately filed the whistle-blower complaint.

I’ve known several CIA agents and other intel types. They generally come in two classes: the field guys who do the dirty work and the office guys who do the really dirty work. As silly and self-serving as this sounds, I’m interviewing Tom Ironsides about this and other matters. He’s already confirmed what others have told me. Maybe it’s time – past time – to abolish the CIA?

At any rate, this impeachment show may throw a curveball into the 2020 election that even I didn’t foresee. It may well be that this crazed process, successful or not, is what hands Trump his victory over Pocahontas. Who’d a thunk it?

Another prediction: the process moves forward; the House impeaches; the Senate acquites; Trump is reelected. Worst-case scenario (for Trump): Impeachment; CONVICTION; resignation; pardon; … reelection with a vengeance. (Yes, that can happen). It’s more likely that the show trial will expose even more dirt on Biden, the Clintons, and the rest, though I expect absolutely no repercussions for them either. In short, nothing will change.

Speaking of nothing… Anyone heard from “Q” lately? I was wondering what the tally for the sealed military indictments is up to now. Can’t recall if the growth was “natural” or geometric. It could be anywhere between 400,000 and 400 Centillion.

And, every day, 2033 inches closer and closer. Tick, tick, tick…