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This insanely idiotic and evil proposal would do it.

Labour party members have voted to commit the party to integrate private schools into the state sector.

The motion calls for funds and properties held by private schools to be “redistributed democratically and fairly” to other schools.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said it would help build “a more cohesive and equal society”.

But Boris Johnson called it a “pointless attack” on education, based on a “long-buried socialist ideology”.

The vote by members signals a desire for the policy to be included in the next Labour Party general election manifesto.

Speaking at the party’s conference in Brighton, shadow education secretary Angela Rayner said “tax loopholes” that benefit private schools would be scrapped by a Labour government in its first Budget.

That includes the withdrawal of charitable status, other public subsidies and tax privileges.

That’s not just from the Labour manifesto

I don’t think, even in a Britain without BREXIT, there’s a danger … yet. In America, many would love to try something similar. I’m surprised they haven’t gone after homeschoolers already. Now, it’s a little late. But, just remember that these lunatics and agents of the devil are always, always trying to undermine, corrupt, plunder, and destroy.

What would Tom Ironsides say? Do?