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Another teaser. I just updated the “Books” page and added the image, sidebar left (PCs). This:

COMING SOON! Perrin’s First Novel, The Substitute!

Hopefully, mid-October 2019 – paperback with Kindle to follow. The story of a man versus the system. Tom Ironsides, the retired CIA Paramilitary badass vs. the corrupted public schools of America. With some awesome “Company” flashbacks and holding-over. I’ve got plot and sub-plot material you just won’t believe – cause it’s fiction! – all inspired by events in the very real world.

Shootouts and car chases? Check.

Latin quotes? Check.

Dating a movie star? Check.

Massive bombings? Check.

Epstein-isms and “Pizza?” Check.

Hunting down the elusive coffee pot? Check.

Thrashing Common Core and other government stupidity? Check.

And, of course, cigars.

Intellect and Action! Romance too, kids! Awesome, the author thinks…

I’m shooting to present the paperback first, with a readable Kindle copy soon thereafter. Technical difficulties, I’ve had a few… The manuscript, which I’m tempted to say is DONE, is currently under review by a professional. Soon, friends, soon. And then, we’ll have more and more of these novel book things!

Soon, as soon as I can pick the right part(s), we’ll have a preview of some of the material, here. Stay tuned.