From TPC on Wednesday, if you missed it. Fiction with a message. I got cartoons with messages in a lil’ bit!


Not (directly) a TOM Ironsides story! You’ll see:

Just Another Ordinary Fencepost Hole

Larry’s Small Farm in New Hampshire, Saturday, August 31, 2019, 9:04 AM…

Bert watched his mother and his sisters ease down the long driveway to the road. He listened until the hum of the Sequoia’s V8 faded away. Then he ran down to the barn, finding “Little” Larry (all six-foot, three inches of him) digging around under the F-250’s bed cover.

‘Lar! They’re off. Bet they won’t be back until the mall closes.’

‘Kay, Bubba. I got everything we need. Let’s go find dad.’

Larry, Jr., recently turned eighteen, and his younger-by-three-years brother rolled gently into the back field, headed towards the distant clump of firs and junipers in the far corner above the woods and just uphill from the creek.

‘They changed the story about the Texas shooter. Again.’ Bert read headlines from his phone. ‘Now…

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