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The greatest leader in modern history is dead.

Despite (baseless) allegations of ineffective management, cultural collapse, starvation, brutality, and even cannibalism, Exulted General Mugabe made his mark as the revolutionary bulwark of modern Africa – indeed, of the free and civilized world. Consider just a very few of his many accomplishments: Changed the name of Rhodesia to Wakanda Zimbabwe. Made all Zimbabweans billionaires. Cut throats unemployment to effectively zero percent. Cured cancer. Perfected cold fusion. His work with the space program speaks for itself; the pyramids would have never again been fully operational without his involvement. Turned Ian Smith into a rockstar. Reformed agriculture, ensuring a food supply capable of feeding all of his continent and most of the world. The internet. Hop-hip. Etc.

We have lost a titan.

I hustle for my muscle and you look weak son, yeah!

I’m goin’ for all that I can get. 

Kickin at the top cause I’m too legit to quit… sing!

Too legit… Too legit to quit…