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Watch Italy to see how a country is supposed to protect its people. Go Salvini!

Italian President Sergio Mattarella is expected to sound out party leaders in coming days to see whether a new governing majority can be assembled in Parliament. If not, snap elections could take place as early as late October or early November.

Mr. Salvini withdrew his support for the government on Aug. 8, calling for elections, on the grounds that 5 Star was blocking policies that Italy needs, including infrastructure investments. Leaders of 5 Star have reacted by exploring the possibility of a coalition with the Democrats, a mainstream party that 5 Star has strongly criticized in the past.

Italy’s power struggle is a sign that Europe’s political upheavals have a long way to run. Electorates in Europe have become volatile over many years, but especially since the financial and immigration crises of recent years, which have weakened the credibility of established conservative and social-democratic parties in many countries.

Mr. Salvini’s tough stance against immigration and his rhetorical attacks on the European Union have helped turn the League into Italy’s most popular party, with support of around 36% in the latest opinion polls.

Where’s Richard Gere on all this?