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It would have been better if this Connor Betts had been electrocuted in 2014.

Dayton gunman Connor Betts’ depraved appetite for murder, drugs and Satanism is laid bare in series of chilling journal entries obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com.

The warped loner, 24, declares himself a servant of ‘evil incarnate’ and rants about everything from schizophrenia to satanic rituals and massacres.

He even hints at the idea of ‘hunting’ a victim to kill at the University of Dayton – writing: ‘We take a b***h, a person, man, convince them to come with us then poof, gone lol down?’

The frightening pages were revealed by a former friend who paints a confounding picture of Betts as a frequent methamphetamine smoker who played violent video games – but was never a racist or interested in weapons.

Betts finally acted on his murderous impulses when he went on the rampage early Sunday morning, slaughtering nine people and injuring a further 27 in Ned Pepper’s Bar.

His sister Megan, 22, was among the first to be killed before Betts was shot dead by police patrolling Dayton’s Oregon District. Six of his nine victims were African Americans.

As cops search for a motive, friends and acquaintances have come forward to speak of a troubled young man whose ‘dark thoughts’ scared even himself.

‘I can definitely assure you he was never racist. The person I met him through is half black,’ Himes added.

Well now, that makes it all okay.

You know, your friends in Hellywood are about to release a movie about these types hunting down the deplorables like deer. They’re okay with the concept on film and in real life. They hate you. But, they love a good old video game-playing, hookah-smoking, meth-head, rape-fantasy, gamma/incel, satanic socialist. Now, I’d love to discuss this some more, but the NFL preseason is (finally!) underway. Back to your telescreens!