As mentioned, I am reluctantly addressing the recent mass shootings, both at TPC (if allowed) and at Freedom Prepper. And, as with all of these incidents, the facts just don’t add up. The El Paso story was ridiculous from the beginning. However, that falls far short of the idiocy associated with the Dayton attack and “shooter” – a shooter who died five years ago.

Folks, I’m getting into fiction and want to do it full time. It’s fun and, though I try to be as technically accurate as possible, it’s largely free of actual reality (which is far stranger than any contrivance). So, I’m really not into suggestions and advice anymore about real-world happenings. Nobody follows such anyway. But, if I were to start giving advice at this late hour, it would look kind of like this:

  1. Remove to the rural parts ASAP
  2. Avoid all large gatherings
  3. Disconnect from the culture and society
  4. Cease all consumption of TV, movies, news, and social media (it’s worse than fake)
  5. etc.

Sadly, more to come…

UPDATE: I’m now satisfied that the shooter in Dayton was not the same man as the one who died in CT in 2014. That’s about all that makes sense. This guy may have been the weirdest gamma rager yet. With the FP stats in, I’m done with this topic…