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Or, an update about my fiction. I just finished the second re-write and edit of my forth-coming novel featuring Thomas H. Ironsides and his transition from being to spy to being a teacher. The working title, which I think I’ll stick with, is “The Substitute.” Much has changed since I first started cobbling this one together:

There’s now a real “arc” to the story. There’s an ending – kind of necessary, no? It’s a loose ending too (for those tie-ins…). I cut the chapter-count from 48 to 34. The word-count only dropped from around 100,000 to just over 98,000 (out with the superfluous, in with … something). The pagination was reduced from 424 to 415. I wrote a Preface and secured a commitment for a Forward (if a novel needs a Forward). I wrote and then killed an ending poem (sucked…), but I do have a special “joke” at the very end. That greyscale pic over on the left-hand side (PC mode) is a model for a potential cover photo.

I’m serious about the tie-ins too. Or about sequels, expanded universe, what have you. Got another 120-150 pages of related outside material growing in the hopper. Anyway, this one will hopefully debut this fall. I’m thinking $18-20 for a nice physical copy and $7, $8, $? for Kindle. If all goes well, I may consider a “deluxe” hardcover, an audiobook and maybe LARGE print. If I were you, I’d consider buying dozens of all types, when available. Maybe hundreds.


This guy:

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