If you missed it – yesterday’s Tom Ironsides short story!


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*Ed. note: This is the third time the TPC readership has been treated to a piece showcasing everybody’s favorite “company man” & man’s man – Tom Ironsides. You may remember his gig flying into Cuba, or possibly the other piece when he was a substitute teacher. This Editor has had the distinct pleasure of reading several more pieces & passages of the Ironsides saga, and folks – it’s really good. Stay tuned for future news. As always – Thx for reading – MB McCart

Author’s note: The following short story is laced with real-world current events, many the news media would rather you not know about. What better way to present them than through the eyes of our favorite spy turned teacher?


Of The Revolutionary Fishing Trip

A Tom Ironsides Story

Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, November 2016, 11:33 PM (local time)…

There’s a benefit to…

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