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All you have to do is ban certain stocks and “clips” and crime magically disappears. Or, if it doesn’t, just blame it on a book no-one has ever heard of.

Turcan said he didn’t see much of Santino Legan — the boy didn’t box or train in martial arts. The teen’s grandfather, who died last year, was a former Santa Clara County supervisor who was accused and acquitted of molesting his daughter in 1982.

“That family is a good family, really respectful, really hardworking,” Turcan said. “I don’t know where this comes from. It’s shocking, just shocking.”

As of late Monday, police were “no closer” to determining whether there was a second person involved in the shooting, Gilroy Police Chief Scot Smithee said.

“Everyone wants to know the answer: Why?” Smithee said. “If there’s any affiliation with other people, or groups of people, that could potentially pose a threat in the future, that all plays in.”

Of course, he didn’t box or do anything physical. He just stewed in his low-IQ mental illness amidst a dead culture of social media lunacy. Had to be the stock and “clips.” Better ban those…