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This may be a very good sign for justice (if that word still applies).

Federal prosecutors in New York overseeing the case against millionaire Jeffrey Epstein are preparing to hand over highly-sensitive investigative material to the financier’s defense attorneys after a federal judge on Friday granted the government’s request to place a protective order on the documents.

Prosecutors sought the order because, they said in court filings, they intends to produce documents and materials that could … “affect the privacy and confidentiality of individuals…[and that] would impede, if prematurely disclosed, the Government’s ongoing investigation of uncharged individuals.”

A Brady Motion has been filed by now, I’m sure. The fact that the DOJ was ready, at this early stage, to deliver evidence to the accused means they are ready to fight. In cases where they lack substantial evidence, or where there is ample exculpatory evidence, they either sandbag near or at trial, or they outright hide the goods.

The fact of the protective nature of the disclosure is self-explanatory. “Investigation of uncharged individuals.” Let’s hope they’re ready for those cases too.