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William F. Buckley was what he was. And, his publication, National Review, is likewise what it is… Or, what it’s become. Or, whatever. It’s as if space aliens, from a distant galaxy, who had learned about America only from radio-wave intercepts, tried to describe a place they’ve never been to and that they cannot possibly understand. Almost exactly like that.

Andrew McCarthy demonstrates the disconnect in his “No One Really Wants to ‘Send Her Back‘” column.

Of course, there has been no shortage of outrage about the chanting, which was so deplorable, as it were, that Trump himself disavowed it the next day — even if he didn’t seem too upset while it was happening. Sorry to say, I can’t get too whipped up about it. Yes, Representative Omar is a naturalized American. As a matter of law, she’s just as much an American citizen as any one of us born in this country. The suggestion that the government should send her back to her native Somalia — because she is “the Other,” because she has the temerity to criticize the president — is obscene. I get all that.

But . . . are we really taking this seriously?

We might say “Kill the umpire,” but we don’t actually want the umpire killed. We shouldn’t need to explain that because everyone understands it. The exercise of our right to scream “Kill the umpire” does not create a clear and present danger to umpires. For 60 years I’ve heard crowds say nutty things at carnival-type venues; on the other hand, I’ve also prosecuted people for inciting terrorist attacks against the United States. There is a palpable difference between provocative expression and incitement to violence, one that is not hard for sensible people to discern, even if great legal minds have struggled to articulate it precisely.

You want to condemn rambunctious chants? Knock yourself out. But let’s not exaggerate their significance. No one is going to make Ilhan Omar stop spouting her bile as long as she refrains from urging violence. We can probably also survive a little “send her back!” without the Republic’s crumbling.

You know, if it were just Omar, then he might have half a point. But, it’s her times 80 – 100 million. “US” is not synonymous with America. The law is corrupted. The Republic dead since 1861-5. He’s wrong, just plain wrong, about the title and much else. The Remnant would still resist. Speak for yourself, cucky.