I miss a lot of deaths. It’s a big world, sorry. John Paul Stevens died this week.

Former Supreme Court Associate Justice John Paul Stevens, one of the longest-serving justices on the bench, died Tuesday evening at the age of 99, the court announced in a statement.

The cause of death was “complications following a stroke he suffered on July 15,” the court said.

Stevens served on the Supreme Court for nearly 35 years, and became its leading liberal — although Stevens himself rejected that characterization.

The man defied convention, yes. And, he would have defied (and eliminated) the Second Amendment. But, as some maybe three or four of you know, he had one of the best methods for statutory interpretation ever devised. It might have been better if he had followed it. Anyway, I know, being once the law student who wrote the research paper on the (boring) subject. That floats around somewhere. Let me sense a mass demand for its republication, and I’ll hop right on it.

I made fun of the man to a degree but he was an intellectual titan. He was a patriot and a true American. Getting harder to find those now – of any persuasion. He’s in a better place though he will be missed here.