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Michael Rozeff plays ardent libertarian today at LRC. He’s certainly correct that the globohomo crowd greatly increases the odds of socialism. However, that predicament pales in comparison to the real danger posed by the mass migration of peoples.

I’ve found one recent paper (October 2016 in the Journal of Politics) that examines our situation with respect to Mexicans in our country. Mexicans constitute about 1/3 of our immigrant population. The title is “Partisanship by Invitation: Immigrants Respond to Political Campaigns”.

The study examined two elections: 2006 and 2008. The authors, James A. McCann and Katsuo A. Nishikawa Chávez, find that the Democratic party benefited much more highly from its partisan appeals than did the Republican party. The detailed findings led the authors to conclude

“Barring a major shift in the dispositions of Republican lawmakers and party activists towards identities and issues that Mexicans and other immigrant groups hold dear, a shift that appears improbable at this juncture, there is likely little chance that Republican campaign messages in any electoral environment could pull the Mexican-born toward that party, even if Republican candidates themselves are perceived as personally attractive figures.”

Although the Republican party has been no stranger to socialist legislation, such as extending Medicare to prescription benefits, the Democrats are worse. They typically propose the socialist extensions and campaign for them for years on end until they become law.

The biggest danger of uncontrolled or unlimited immigration is that it shifts American politics even more greatly toward socialism.

Wrong. All the old left-right, Dems-Repubs, liberal-conservative ideation is now useless. The problem is not economic nor even purely political. When it comes down to it, the kind of socio-economic structure is irrelevant. That’s because the open borders agenda is far worse than any scheme heretofore practiced outside of ancient Babylon (maybe Sodom and Gomorrah). Old hardline Soviet Communism, while less than desirable, was better. For all its problems, it did not seek to destroy the Soviet Nation and People. Globalism does.

The true danger of allowing mass migration and unfettered “free markets,” is that they destroy families, communities, nations, and peoples. Literally, almost nothing is left but an incompatible mass of jumbled humanity without any common culture or tradition. The exception to the “almost nothing” is violence. Power-loving Republicans, power-loving Democrats, and pot-loving Libertarians are steering us gleefully if stupidly into war. And that, when it comes, is a little worse than the loss of property rights.

The current scheme isn’t predictive of or prerequisite to collapse. It is a collapse in progress. Vox Day illustrates using the Trump-Omar row as an example. Read that.