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PCR has another blunt, accurate take on the situation in too much of Europe.

Do you remember all those photos and news report videos of all those dumbshit European women with banners welcoming the over-running of their European countries by the invaders? They were well paid by George Soros for the propagandistic orchestration designed to silence the protests of nationalists at the invasion of their countries. A goodly number of these dumbshit women have now been raped by those they were paid to welcome. I suppose we can dismiss it as a new variant of prostitution. Pay me and I will accommodate my rapist.

Very few of the crimes of privileged invaders against their dumbshit European victims are reported, because they are suppressed both by the political authorities and the media which fears being called “racist” more than the presstitutes fear death itself. But the few accounts that do get reported show that Europeans are being subjugated by the third world invaders who do not need to use weapons or military force, because the self-doubt and self-incrimination of white peoples makes them unable to resist.

Insouciant white peoples permitted their corrupt governments to commit all kinds of crimes against other countries. As these crimes come to light, people of European stock feel guilty and unworthy, because they have a moral conscience, unlike those who are over-running them. If you want to understand how the psychology works that has doomed the white race, read The Camp of the Saints. This novel is our present and our future. It is the most prescient novel ever written. Indeed, it is a totally accurate prediction of the future.

He’s right. 110%. And, you’re a “racist” if you’re nodding along. But, just as the rapes and crimes are no longer reported, neither is much of anything out of Central and Eastern Europe, where the primitives and their handlers are simply not tolerated. My calculated estimation is that the practices of the East are about to spread West. In fact, they’re already moving. Reconquista 2.0.

I toy with releasing a short work of fiction, inspiration from Europe’s ancient past and instruction for the near future. Soon, maybe.