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The ONE Single Federal Department is spending $100 Billion PER MONTH.

In the first eight months of this fiscal year, which began in October, HHS spent $834,346,000,000, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement for May. That is up from $731,724,000,000 in the first eight months of last fiscal year.

Through all of fiscal 2018, HHS spent approximately $1,120,500,000,000 — or $93,375,000,000 per month.

Through this full fiscal year, according to the estimate published in the Monthly Treasury Statement, HHS will spend approximately $1,230,273,000,000 — or $102,522,750,000 per month.

In May alone, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement, HHS spent $146,552,000,000.

This one great reason why the FedGov rockets towards fiscal insolvency – not that they’re not technically there now, nor that any of this really matters anymore. But once upon a time, it did. For perspective, consider that HHS, which didn’t exist until 1979 and had no predecessor agency before 1939, now spends more every month than the entire government spent during the whole year of 1961. Yearly total federal spending wouldn’t reach monthly HHS levels until 1990. And, that was but a fourth as much as they spend in total now; soon to be but a fifth.*

The slope was slippery, the descent rapid.

*For reference: the craziest spreadsheet in the world. Yes, math fans, the sum of all federal outlays for the first 60 years of the Nation’s history, are a mere 1% (or about 8 HOURS worth) of HHS’s current monthly spending.