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He can’t hold back the flood from the third world and the third world knows it. They just keep coming.

Holton told me he interviewed many migrants on the Colombian side who uniformly told him they decided to go to America, claim asylum, and take advantage of the disarray and laws about which they’ve all heard, from media reporting and those who already made it, that guarantee they will get to live and work for years in the United States, and probably permanently.

“‘Trump wants to keep us out, but he can’t do it,'” Holton said he was repeatedly told in Turbo, Colombia as African migrants were preparing to board boats to the jungle trails for 10-day, smuggler-led wilderness treks into Panama. “They were very clear about that. ‘If I can get in now, I’m going to get while the getting’s good.'”

Holton said everyone knew to go to American “sanctuary cities,” where local authorities won’t cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“They have some level of understanding of what a sanctuary city is. ‘If we can get to one of those they won’t mess with us; They won’t get us out.'”

35,000 more inbound, with maybe a Billion! behind them. And, this during a “state of emergency” declaration by El Trumpo. The time for emergency action came and went some thirty+ years ago. Now at the end, something entirely is needed. I discuss what that is in this week’s TPC column. That’ll be along later in the week.