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If we are completely stupid, that is.

FB is ALWAYS watching, on and off the platform, for narrative violations by its slaves users.

Facebook monitors the offline behavior of its users to determine if they should be categorized as a “Hate Agent,” according to a document provided exclusively to Breitbart News by a source within the social media giant.

The document, titled “Hate Agent Policy Review” outlines a series of “signals” that Facebook uses to determine if someone ought to be categorized as a “hate agent” and banned from the platform.

Those signals include a wide range of on- and off-platform behavior. If you praise the wrong individual, interview them, or appear at events alongside them, Facebook may categorize you as a “hate agent.”

Sooner or later, everyone may become an agent of “hate.” So, how better to celebrate said blessed event than to give all your wealth to FB!

Facebook Inc. FB 1.39% has signed up more than a dozen companies including Visa Inc., Mastercard Inc., MA -1.00% PayPal Holdings Inc. PYPL 1.07% and Uber Technologies Inc. UBER 5.07% to back a new cryptocurrency it plans to unveil next week and launch next year.

The financial and e-commerce companies, venture capitalists and telecommunications firms will invest around $10 million each in a consortium that will govern the digital coin, called Libra, according to people familiar with the matter. The money would be used to fund the creation of the coin, which will be pegged to a basket of government-issued currencies to avoid the wild swings that have dogged other cryptocurrencies, they said.

The Wall Street Journal reported last month that Facebook was recruiting backers to help start the crypto-based payments system and was seeking to raise as much as around $1 billion for the effort.

In the works for more than a year, the secretive project revolves around a digital coin that its users could send to each other and use to make purchases both on Facebook and across the internet.

Names you can trust, that don’t trust you, in a secret project to convert your money. What could go wrong?