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Bow before them and sacrifice the children, or suffer the economic consequences. Bloomberg’s choice of “biggest victim” is a little interesting.

Biggest Victim

The threats have created a large cast of odd bedfellows.

The biggest potential victim of a Hollywood boycott, for instance, is Pinewood Studios Atlanta, with its 18 sound stages and 400-acre backlot south of the city, where a number of Disney’s Marvel blockbusters, including the recent “Avengers: Endgame” were produced.

Pinewood’s lead owner is Dan Cathy, the chief executive of Chick-fil-A and outspoken social conservative whose Southern Baptist church opposes all abortions. Cathy is also developing a mini-city across the street, with pricey rowhouse-style homes, boutiques, restaurants and a spa clubhouse. Neither Cathy nor anyone from Pinewood would comment on the potential impact from Hollywood’s threats.

Kemp has also gone silent, after canceling a trip to an annual Georgia Film Day in Los Angeles and touring Pinewood to reassure the industry last month. The tour did not enter the soundstages where people work. “We’re not commenting,” said governor spokesman Cody Hall, in response to a question about the boycott threats.

Meanwhile, the Democrat whom Kemp narrowly trumped in last year’s gubernatorial race, Stacey Abrams, is all over the place. She popped up in April at an “Avengers: Endgame” screening for film workers and their families, where Kemp — who had yet to sign the abortion bill — was the main speaker. She has now cast herself as the Georgia film industry’s savior and is urging filmmakers to help fight the law in court instead of pulling out. She flies to Hollywood to make her case next week.

Others close to the industry — particularly the black entertainment industry — say Atlanta should declare its independence from Georgia, at least for marketing purposes. “Georgia doesn’t deserve Atlanta,” said Erik Gordon, a marketing consultant who works with African-American entertainers.

I’d say the biggest victims are also the smallest, those murdered children. Next, would be the rest of the population being zombified by the filth and idiocy produced at places like Pinewood.

Choose carefully, Georgia. If you bow to Moloch, then expect to reap his rewards. You will deserve what you get either way.

*As important as this issue is, I tire of writing basically the same thing time after time. And, based on the little feedback I get from the Georgians themselves, it may be a non-starter. Darkness does not go away just because one ignores it.