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The acting ICEman speaks.

The Trump administration is planning a large-scale deportation operation of illegal aliens, including those who have refused to show for their asylum court hearings.

The strategy is meant to “disincentivize” economic migrants who crossed into the U.S. illegally without legitimate asylum claims, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting director Mark Morgan.

“We have no choice as I see this,” Morgan said Tuesday. “We need to take some interior enforcement action…We need to continue to do everything that we can within the current legal framework, within the current laws, within the current statutorily mandated duties of ICE, to assist, to reduce this humanitarian crisis. That will include families.”

Question: Was this “state of emergency” about the “humanitarian crisis?” If so, then what about the real crisis? This reluctant-sounding announcement seems like something that would have been better debuted in 2017. Better late than never (if it’s real…) I suppose. While they’re at it, they should also deport the chamber of commerce, the greedy corporatists, the churchian idiots, and all other enablers.