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PCR has some observations to cheer a 60’s radical. Sorry if you’re not one of those. Part of this is oddly similar to the opposite of my plan to end terrorism, namely by 1) not bothering them, over there, and 2) by just leaving them over there.

What we are experiencing is the failure of government at all levels. Huge sums are being spent on wars and the fomenting of wars while Los Angeles faces the prediction of a typhus epidemic. For two decades the US has spent trillions of dollars on wars in the Middle East in behalf of Israel. Washington calls it “the war on terror,” which is a cover story that hides the real agenda and motivation of violence that has killed, maimed, orphaned and displaced millions of Muslims. One consequence of these senseless wars has been to radicalize Muslims against Americans and Europeans even as the US and Europe import millions of displaced Muslims into their countries.

Countries without a homogeneous population are already disadvantaged by disunity, but to bring in massive numbers of peoples who have every reason to hate you is insanity. Once here, the hatred is weaponized against white people by Identity Politics.

If a country decided to self-destruct, it would do precisely what the US and Europe have done. This is the serious problem, not Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, Russia, China. It is likely the case that Identity Politics is now so entrenched in American institutions, such as the New York school system ( https://nypost.com/2019/05/28/bombshell-suit-claims-carranzas-toxic-whiteness-purge-cost-doe-execs-their-jobs/ ), that disunity is now a permanent feature of the United States.

The largely unacknowledged problems that the US faces would overwhelm even a unified country. For a country as disunited as America, it is difficult to see any favorable odds.

Just something to think about, maybe live with/in, this Friday morning. Happy final day of May!