Vox Day and Bernie Sanders agree on this:

Democrats take on the neocons

The Republicans and the Trump administration would be very well-advised to do the same:

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders took a swipe at neoconservative Bill Kristol for his “foolish advocacy of the Iraq war,” and questioned whether he had apologized to the country for it yet. Sanders was responding to a tweet Kristol sent that said, “#Never Sanders,” and linked to a New York Times article about the longtime Vermont senator’s opposition to war.

“Have you apologized to the nation for your foolish advocacy of the Iraq war?” Sanders tweeted, adding he makes “no apologies for opposing it.”

Neocons like Bill Kristol, Max Boot, and Ben Shapiro are worse – much worse – and more fundamentally radical than even the most left-wing lunatics the Democratic Party has to offer.


I concur.