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Women’s liberation and most of what passed for cultural progress in the 20th Century was and are dyscivilizational. Bill Sardi explains:

An historical sequence of events exemplified by advances in the women’s liberation movement combined with demographic changes in the American population has led to an irreversible catastrophe of cataclysmic proportion in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Allow me to pen the historical steps that led to the present situation. Few women in the 1960s would guess that the women’s liberation movement would have such a profound effect upon geopolitical events in the world today.

1960s: the birth control pill gives women freedom to have sex without fear of pregnancy.

He goes on and on. The slide did not start in the 60s. Nor are only the ladies to blame. For instance, it was a bunch of misguided men who approved and ratified the Nineteenth Amendment. Thanks, fellas!