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…who arrested Tommy Robinson for filming with his phone … stand idly by as incompatible primitives lob bricks and rocks at Tommy and his legacy British followers. Read that linked article and make sure to watch the video (which has been up on the socials for hours, all day – no need to dredge the dark web for this one).

Unhinged “protesters” with the Muslim Defence League attacked Tommy Robinson and his supporters with bricks, bottles and eggs during a campaign event in Oldham on Saturday.

The violent attack was captured on video by multiple people — and livestreamed on Facebook by the MDL themselves.

Sounds like they need a Natives Defense League. Oh, wait, already forming up in Eastern Europe. May it spread and rapidly. Otherwise, this and similar future events will keep boosting the already historically high number of Islamic terror attacks in Europe.

A new report by CSIS, a national security think tank, has found that Islamic terror attacks in Europe increased by 725 percent between 2007 and 2017.

This figure, which includes both successful and unsuccessful attacks, once again highlights the fact that Islamic extremism is by far the biggest terror threat to the west.

B-b-b-but the Christchurch false flag!

Seriously, Doctor Martel, we need you in the O.R., stat.