Recycled due to positive feedback, etc. Someone told me the flight sequence gave him goosebumps. A very straight fellow confessed to a “man crush” of Ironsides. A sweet woman I know said I have a vivid imagination. [I do but this is cobbled FACTS, for the most part]. There was mention of having “a gift.” Thanks, here’s your gift:


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Winged Justice From Cuba

A Tom Ironsides Story

Author’s Note: The following is partly based on true events, a blended, fictional account of several independent and real stories. Names have been changed, omitted, or dramatized so as to protect the innocent, the guilty, and the dead. The resemblance of any character or entity in this tale, to any person or entity, living or dead, is mere semblance only. Please, enjoy.

Sometimes the mind wanders. In daydreams, a man can relive what he found harrowing as well as those pleasant times that feel now, as they did then, just like dreams. Sometimes, if one isn’t careful, the two meld together. Tom’s brain turned back the calendar to another stage in his life’s journey.

Tom stood in the door of “his” Dassault Falcon 7X, peering into the gloom above a dark, tropical landscape. The absence of…

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