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Wherein Perrin Rides to the Rescue of Classical Antiquity

Earlier this year, Mary Frances Williams, Ph.D., was ignobly booted from the annual convention of something called the Society for Classical Studies (SCS). Her offense was offending the easily offended and downright offensive social justice warriors of the SCS. Their mission is to do to classical studies what SJWs do to anything – destroy it. Dr. William’s mission was to simply ask a few questions and make a few points – about the SJWs’ mission, about them, and about saving the worthy institution of the classics.
The destructive social justice afoot involves the following: boosting, without regard to merit, the tenure of women (except women like Williams), the mentally unstable, and persons of color; eliminating Latin (presumably Greek too); silencing white male academics, and, eventually; completely eliminating all reference to and knowledge of anything to do with ancient Greece and Rome. There’s a powerful reason behind this, beyond making assorted malcontented mid-wits happy with their “scholarship.”
Picture by Perrin
The end-game is the destruction of Western Civilization. Western Civ is supported by three primary pillars – Christianity, Greco-Roman legal traditions, and the European nation-state (thank you, again, for the trinitarian summary, Vox Day). Classical studies directly relate to the Greco-Roman while indirectly touching on the other two. Take away one and the whole thing falls apart. The SJWs want to knock out all three if possible. They are not the West. They say so.
Whilst rudely, stupidly interrupting Dr. Williams’s protestations for higher society, one Sarah Bond, of the University of Iowa classics department, bluntly stated: “We are not Western Civilization!”