A couple of worthy reviews:

“You have a natural talent as a writer. I hope you will think about expanding this to a full-length novel.” – T (a Novelist)

“F@cking brilliant, man.” – M (Author)

Here, again:


Originally published at The Piedmont Chronicles


No Particular Place Nor Person – A Story from the Modern “Academy”

Sometimes things happen and nobody cares. Even if what happens is horrible. Worse, many, maybe most folks usually, if they consider matters at all, cheer on the atrocity de jure, especially when calamity comes wrapped in false promises of something … anything. They only begin to care when the wolf is literally at their door. Some only find alarm when jaws close around their own throats. Tom Ironsides wasn’t one of them.

Every morning was a grand new beginning in his educational experiment, serving as a humble substitute teacher in the high schools of a suburban county much like most others across fading America. Monday, April 22nd was no different. Coach R’s first period honors chemistry class, a point of pride at Silver Snuff Comprehensive High, worked rather sleepily on…

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