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A California (of course) high school brags about defeating the potential censorship of a student news article.

The article profiles a student, Caitlin Fink, who sells nude photos of herself, is a member of an erotic video website, has signed a contract with a porn agency, and aspires to be a stripper.

The paper’s adviser, English teacher Kathi Duffel, had accused district officials of censorship after they demanded to review and approve the article before publication. In an April 11 letter, district Superintendent Cathy Nichols-Washer warned of possible discipline, “up to and including dismissal” if she refused.

Duffel refused on free speech grounds, and officials in the San Joaquin Valley district, which has about 31,500 students, agreed to let an attorney review the story. Matthew Cate, who represents Duffel and the student who wrote the article, concluded that the story didn’t violate education codes.

The article is HERE. (Note the rainbow on her shirt in the picture – certainly something to do with Genesis).

There really can’t be an education code to violate, can there? Public schools now equal child pornography.

Some suspicions and observations:

Seen God lately at a CA school? No;

The student has been abused (for a while) – in more ways than one;

Worse abuse is coming, for her and for larger society;

This started before she turned 18;

No men, no men, no men;

Fire is needed, badly;

The people behind this are actively trolling other schools for other victims – and finding them (WATCH YOUR CHILDREN!!!);

Love is not necessarily Love; and

Why not name the (((agent))) in the article?

The culture lies in absolute, flaming ruin but … muh free speech…