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If the following is true (and, hey, we all know it is), then the US Empire’s armed forces are beyond useless, beyond absurd.

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has approved a Homeland Security request to assign 320 “personnel” to babysit illegal immigrants, driving them, feeding them and checking on their welfare, the Pentagon announced Monday.

The goal is to free up Border Patrol agents currently assigned to those duties so they can get back to patrolling the front lines.

The troops Mr. Shanahan has assigned the new duties will not be engaged in actual law enforcement and there will be Homeland Security officers present to handle actual custody of illegal immigrants, and to provide protection to the troops themselves, said Lt. Col. Jamie Davis.

Surrendering to foreign soldiers, on American soil, is one thing (and bad enough). This is utterly ridiculous. But, it has precedent. Occasionally, historically, conquering tribes would force some local eunuchs to act as their manservant slaves, as their babysitters.

Cue up that Lee Greenwood song. Maybe hit the Oxy.