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Substitute your Western Nation for France as you read Jean-Yves Le Gallou’s breakdown of the insidious evil of modern anti-civilizational migration.

The following is a translation of the summary of Jean-Yves Le Gallou’s speech at the third Fête du Pays Réel (Festival of the Real Country), held on March 30. This is a useful summary both of some of the dubious claims of the French mainstream media on immigration and of the known facts.

* * *

If disinformation is extremely widespread, immigration is surely the area in which it is strongest, notably on the question of the great replacement. On this point, the mainstream media make mutually contradictory claims, because they assert both that the great replacement does not exist . . . and that it is not intentional!

I. “The great replacement doesn’t exist”

To discredit those who assert the existence of the great replacement, the media again use contradictory arguments because they claim on the one hand that France has always been a land of immigration but, on the other hand, that the structure of the population has not fundamentally changed.

One will notice, immediately, that the Satanic liars and destroyers make the same false arguments over and over, regardless of their target Nation.

If there’s no change at all, then why is there ALWAYS war following the funny non-changes??? From Vox Day:

Of course, there will also be war everywhere from America to Sri Lanka as well, because war always, Always, ALWAYS follows on the heels of the mass movement of peoples. It’s a little ironic that the BfV is warning about the rise of the “underground far-right” when that is nothing more than a symptom caused by the importation of millions of foreigners against the wishes of the native population.

During the next series of wars, if the natives are triumphant, they must remember to replace those who would have replaced all of us with cut-rate replacements.