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I may switch over to all fiction soon as I tire of writing the same true stories over and over again. On the one hand, I’m glad the DOJ had the sense to charge a Massachusetts judge for helping a criminal invader escape justice.

A federal grand jury in Boston on Thursday indicted a Newton District Court judge and a now-retired state court officer on obstruction of justice charges for allegedly helping an undocumented immigrant evade ICE custody in the Newton courthouse last year.

The indictment names Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph, 51, and Court Officer Wesley MacGregor, 56, as the defendants. MacGregor retired from his job last month. The state Supreme Judicial Court suspended Joseph on Thursday.

It’s the manner of the indictment – stock obstruction and a crazy “conspiracy” theory – that bothers me.

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I see nothing about the very specific 8 U.S.C. § 1324 (aiding, abetting, and harboring illegal aliens). Given that the immigration is tantamount to an invasion, to war, this charge would be the closest we have to sedition or treason by way of helping the enemy. In other words, it might pass (my) Constitutional muster (as if that matters…). I wonder if the Trump DOJ even has a copy of the U.S.C. or U.S.C.A. I wonder more and more about this administration.

At least they’re pursuing these two criminals, even as they persecute an honest American who tried to do Trump’s job for him. Aid and abet – sloppy indictment and Mass. liberals howling about “state’s rights.” Physically deter invaders – get arrested on fake weapons charges … then, in jail, have your ribs broken as a “thank you” from an ungrateful nation.

The leader of an armed militia that spent two months rounding up migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border before he was arrested on federal weapons charges was hospitalized after a jailhouse attack, his lawyer and authorities said on Wednesday.

Larry Hopkins, 69, whose group of self-styled citizen border cops drew condemnation from civil liberties advocates, suffered broken ribs in the beating by fellow inmates on Tuesday at the Dona Ana County Detention Center in Las Cruces, New Mexico, according to his attorney, Kelly O’Connell.

Dunno, it’s almost starting to feel like this isn’t nation anymore. It all might make for an interesting novella, eh?