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It’s real and it’s really heating up. READ THE WHOLE THING.

Christian persecution is on the rise all over the world, and it is likely to intensify greatly in the years ahead.

But of course most of the time the mainstream media attempts to ignore this growing trend as much as possible. When there are spectacular attacks with large numbers of deaths like we just witnessed in Sri Lanka they will cover the story, but other than that they try very hard to avoid any stories that would put Christians in a sympathetic light.

They can try to ignore what is happening all they want, but it doesn’t change the fact that hatred for the Christian faith is growing, and what we have been witnessing in recent weeks is just the beginning.

If The Donald hadn’t added a “million” to a Tweet, the MSM wouldn’t have had anything to say about the Colombo bombings. Nice bait biting, pros. And, thanks for all that nothing, too.