Aaaaand … here’s my 2017 classic addressing the mathematical scientific shortcomings of the global forest ice levels polar bear warming changes and need some more communism now mania. You’re welcome. And! Happy Earth Day.


Happy Earth Day!

An older friend at a cigar shop insisted on watching the local and national news. On television. In my presence. I already knew it was Earth Day thanks to the wit and wisdom of this morning’s Dustin comic strip. What I didn’t know, the “news” filled me in on: thousands of communists, left-over hippies, stoners, and generally unemployed(able)-looking people gathered in Washington to rave about Earth Day, “science”, the horrors of civilization, and the clock running out on global warming (a farce they refer to as “settled science”).

Here’s a little real science, real facts, math and such, to cheer your Earth Day.

Climate change is real. It seems that the Earth’s conditions are in a continual state of flux. Over the past billion years or so we’ve had everything from a planet nearly frozen solid to a barren wasteland of a world where the only habitable…

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