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And, thank you, Christian Russia, for checking the insane plans of the Washington Neocons. Syria, parts of it, are becoming Christian (again).

A community of Syrians who converted to Christianity from Islam is growing in Kobani, a town besieged by Islamic State for months, and where the tide turned against the militants four years ago.

The converts say the experience of war and the onslaught of a group claiming to fight for Islam pushed them toward their new faith. After a number of families converted, the Syrian-Turkish border town’s first evangelical church opened last year.

Islamic State militants were beaten back by U.S. air strikes and Kurdish fighters [and Russia and the Regime] at Kobani in early 2015, in a reversal of fortune after taking over swaths of Iraq and Syria. After years of fighting, U.S.-backed forces fully ended the group’s control over populated territory last month.

Though Islamic State’s ultra-radical interpretation of Sunni Islam has been repudiated by the Islamic mainstream, the legacy of its violence has affected perceptions of faith.

Many in the mostly Kurdish areas of northern Syria, whose urban centers are often secular, say agnosticism has strengthened and in the case of Kobani, Christianity.

Christianity is one of the region’s minority faiths that was persecuted by Islamic State.

So, maybe all it takes is a depression and a civil war to reverse the curse in the United States of Babel. Or, do we have to wait until we’re the minority? We already have the persecution from our own brand of ultra-radicals.

Anyway, good for the people of Kobani. May the faith spread.

This reminded me of a plea from a Syrian Priest – against both the Islamists and the Neocon loons: