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So goes France. So goes Western Europe.

The Cathedral is likely a total loss.

‘The inferno cannot be stopped’: Fire chiefs say blaze ravaging Notre Dame cathedral is out of control after spire COLLAPSES and the entire roof of the stunning 850-year-old building burns to ashes

Officials in Paris said a large operation had been launched in an attempt to bring the raging fire under control

Pictures from around the city posted on social media showed flames licking up Notre Dame’s famous spire

The fire was first reported at 5.50pm (GMT) on Monday and the building was evacuated soon afterwards

Authorities say there were no deaths from the fire although declined to comment on the number of injuries


My guess is that renovation-related welding (or something) sparked the fire in an attic. My guess is that this is also a symbol of what the likes of Macron, Merkel, and other globo trash have done to France and the West. The structure should not be rebuilt in any way until the French nation is fully restored.

Dieu sauver France!