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Mayor Pete checks all the rights boxes: gay, veteran, socialist, gay, mayor, greenie, socialist, and gay. He’s also getting, for the mayor of a town most people don’t know exits, A LOT of attention. From all quarters. From all the wrong people. People like Little Benny S.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, for instance, called Buttigieg “nice and refreshing” for his willingness to engage with those on the other side of the aisle.

New York Times columnist David Brooks described Buttigieg as “smart, modest and self-effacing,” portraying the gay millennial veteran with degrees from Harvard and Oxford as a deft politician with a unique background who could surprise people.

“There is a big sense that he, unlike a lot of the Democrats, is actually not ensconced in the belief system that says everyone who disagrees with him is a bad person,” Shapiro said in an interview with POLITICO, adding that he’s asked the mayor to appear on his radio show but hasn’t received a response yet.

Deep State MSM endorses “Dark Web” Shapiro. Shapiro endorses (in a way) Buttiguy. That right there…