The fun starts at noon (2 PM for the internet).

Golf Digest has it down:

AUGUSTA, Ga. — You can take your Home Run Derby, Slam Dunk, Skills Competition and shove ’em. Sports’ best ancillary showcase is the Par 3 Contest. Given the excitement and energy that surrounds the Wednesday tournament, one would be forgiven for confusing it as a major itself. Think that’s hyperbole? After spending the early afternoon camping out at the scene, I assure you it’s not. Here are eight reasons why the Masters’ Par 3 Contest is the best non-event event in sports.

It’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing amphitheaters in entertainment

Sitting to the right of the clubhouse, two ponds comprise the Par 3 Course’s epicenter, surrounded by trees, shrubs, flowers, pine straw, and any other nature item Bob Ross ever painted, with white Augusta National cabins hovering on the horizon. Oh, and nine of the greenest, finely-manicured par 3 holes on the planet. When dotted with the patrons, it’s a confluence of color so spectacular they can’t be replicated on a palette.

The roars …

Enjoy that, live or on the Screens.

Tonight I suppose they may still run the party at Hooters on Washington Road. Is the tent up this year? Is the shopping center still there? Hmm.

Last night, the Darius Rucker Show took a victory lap around the remains of what used to be ROCK Fore!

It’s entirely possible the Sweetwater Brewpub may be operational at SRP Park. Uh…

I think I’m heading to the beach in just a bit…