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Joel Mathis offers up a simplistic editorial in The Week with three reasons why socialism is rising (again) in Amerika. A quick look at them:

1. Leaders are paving the way for a second massive economic crisis within a generation.

This is correct. He even starts with the Federal Reserve. These “leaders” aren’t just paving the way, they’re rocketing us along at Bugatti speeds.

2. It is becoming more and more difficult for the average American to live life sustainably.

Here, he begins to drift. We do not have capitalism in Amerika. We have financialized corporatism. This second point, on the surface, is true. But, it’s the result of 100+ years of interference, not from capitalists, but from the government and the banksters. He leaves off the bulk of the losses, focusing of buzz issues (and without delving too deeply into those).

3. The party of capitalism put Donald Trump in the White House.

In the end, Mathis goes off the AOC end. We have no such party in this nation-shaped place.

He ends on a decent note: “Frustrated Americans everywhere are looking for an alternative to the fading status quo.”

And, on that note, I’ll add three more reasons:

  1. Americans are getting dumber. With an average IQ somewhere between 9o and 95, they literally can’t understand what has happened to them. Ergo, the desperate reach for any other solution. There’s also the dismal education of those already lacking normal intelligence.
  2. Things, on paper and just for now, are better than they have been in a while. Maybe for just a tiny bit longer, we’ll have some hollow prosperity floating around. When some people have a little money, other people feel the desire to spend it on yet more people. When – Mathis is right – things really go south, the peeps will keep clamoring for freebies.
  3. The people behind the system keep pushing socialism. The falsely exclusive “either capitalism or socialism” is part of the plan. Particular economic (and political) systems are really irrelevant; the masters just pick one or two and run. The ultimate goal is omnipresent Satanic globalism.

That last bit is what we’re truly rushing headlong into.