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Planning a trip to old Europe? Make it sooner than later or else you’ll need some extra paperwork.

Americans traveling to Europe will soon have to add a new item to their packing lists.

Starting in 2021, the European Union will require US visitors to get a pre-approved, visa-like travel pass issued by the European Travel Information and Authorization System.

The permit will cost about $7.90 and will have to be requested at least four days before the journey—making romantic last-minute jaunts to Paris impossible.

But permission will be good for three years and for multiple trips in and out of the Schengen Zone, which covers 26 countries.

Under current rules, Americans can travel in Europe without a visa for up to 90 days.

The new requirement will serve as a security check, EU officials said Friday.

Undocumented “minors,” “refugee” “women and children,” all of them, fleeing “war and oppression” are welcomed to walk on in. You? You need a Visa.

This is the product of a breakdown between the idiotic, globalist EU and the idiotic, globalist USE. A handful of Schengen countries are playing hardball on accepting “refugees.” The EU isn’t happy and put pressure on the USE to act. The USE didn’t do enough, fast enough. So, this.

I’d expect a tit for tat from DC and the beginning of a severe tightening of travel liberty between the old world and the new. Think about how that might work out for you and people like you in Europe. The goal, I think, is to eventually eliminate travel (and migration) between the Old and the New, as both sink deeper into the Homoglobo abyss. ***The “refugees” will be unaffected, worry not…***