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If this ridiculous legislative idea becomes reality, then the government schools of North Carolina are finished. In fact, that it’s even a hopper item suggests that is already the case.

RALEIGH, N.C. – School employees in one state might be feeling happier these days after learning the bar for failing could be lowered, and by a lot.

The North Carolina legislature is considering a change in the grading system for the state’s public schools.

The bill in question would be based on a 15-point scale, rather than a 10-point scale for grades.

That would mean only scores lower than 39 percent would qualify for an F grade for schools, a far cry from the current 60 percent failure mark in the state and most others.

Student grades would be unaffected by the changing scale system, but would allow underperforming schools to continue operating.

Plenty has been made about lowering passing grades for students. So, it almost stands to “reason” that the same might be done for schools. But, why? If a school is failing, and cannot be redeemed, then shouldn’t it cease operations?

Is this even real? Cant be, can it? Well, yes, it is…

Meet HB 145 (2019), the “15-Point Scale For School Performance Grades” Bill

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The madness is primarily sponsored by four Democrats from Charlotte:

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These crooks and their friends do not have your children’s best interests in mind. Maybe remember that during the next election.