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It’s real and it’s really bad.


The Details is in the Decline: The Fall of the American IQ

We’ve known for some time that general intelligence is declining, at a rapid and alarming pace, in America and across much of the West. I mentioned it, here, earlier this year. This issue is important, critical to the survival (or death) of civilized society and is directly related to my other option for this week’s column – President Trump’s failure to arrest unchecked migration into the United States.

A new book, At Our Wits’ End, Dutton and Woodley, Imprint Academic, Exeter, UK, 2018, sheds damning light on the reversal of the “Flynn Effect” and what the precipitous decline in national IQs means for us and for our children’s future (it ain’t good).
One of the five major causes of the lowering average intelligence is: “Western elites are now deliberately sponsoring the colonization of our nations by vast numbers of low-IQ persons from Africa, Asia and Latin America.” The other causes are mind-boggling but this one touches on the invasion and Forty-Five’s failure to halt it.


In 1960, five years before the disastrous Celler-Kennedy Nationalization Act, some 85% of immigrants to America came from Europe, home to both Western civilization and to higher than world average IQs. In 2015, fifty years after the disaster, Euros account for only 13% of our new arrivals. The great majority of the others do indeed come from places with much lower than normative average intelligence, the exception being some immigrants from East Asia.