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From a real Western leader: Viktor Orban’s State of Hungary, 2019:

As I see it, after ten years of collective effort, Hungarians once again have confidence in their future. Confidence in the future is a great treasure, which must not be squandered. This is why we must speak clearly about what our nation can expect from the future. What will it have to contend with, what tests of strength should it expect, how well is it prepared to compete in the world? Are the Hungarian people, the Hungarian state, the Hungarian nation, capable of survival and endurance, capable of emerging victorious from these tests of strength? This question is a serious one – indeed a deeply serious one – and it therefore demands an honest answer. My answer is that over the course of around ten years our nation got back on its feet. Its descent into the valley became an ascent of the mountain. It has regained the right to determine its own fate; and for this reason alone it stands ready to fight the battles awaiting it, and has the chance to win. In short, my reply is this: we shall win; we shall win again and again!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For us victory is not when our party wins: for us victory is when our country wins. I am one of those who share the deep conviction that every Hungarian child will have a better life than his or her parents – and I believe that the great majority can take advantage of this opportunity. We are the community that has always wanted the life of every Hungarian to count, and for everyone to have their place in the Hungarian future. Our community stands on national foundations. We are not engaged politics in order to follow fashionable ideas, but to sustain the Hungarian nation and its continued life in the future.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Migration boosts crime – in particular, crimes against women – and spreads the disease of terrorism among us. But we must not get bogged down in our fears. We must see beyond our fears. We must understand that the European peoples have come to a historic crossroads. Those who decide in favour of immigration and migrants – to whatever end they may do so – are in fact creating countries with mixed populations. The historical traditions of these countries are coming to an end, and a new world is unfolding. In immigrant countries a Christian-Muslim world is coming into being, with a continuously shrinking percentage of Christians. There are some who do not mind this, and there are some who dismiss the issue with a wave of the hand, because they believe that this will be a slow process. They are wrong, and they will be surprised. An ethnic group of 10 per cent will first increase to between15 and 20 per cent. Then everything will speed up, and the rest requires no imagination, just simple mathematics. Those of my age will live to see the rapid transformation of what were once great Christian countries. It makes our hearts ache, but we can do little to help. Once on the express train they will reach the final destination. And there is no return ticket. However, we Central Europeans still have our own future. We have our own future which is the continuation of the lives of our parents and grandparents, the preservation of the traditions of a thousand years, the protection of our economy, our families and our Christian culture. Such a future is also possible. To be more precise, such a future is possible for us.

America is far gone. There is hope, still, for Western Europe. Eastern Europe, having defeated Nazism and Communism and having rejected Globalism, needs no hope – they’re going to be fine. The future of the West is in the East. The fun of it too: