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I’ve always said that. Today, Alexandra O’Crazy-Cortez (D – Coo-Coo’s Nest) explains:

A “Deal” maybe 30-40% of low-IQ Amerikans are ready to take.

She is right, theoretically and historically, about the Federal Reserve. The rest is rubbish not even worth a quote. It’s even scaring the traditional Stalinista Dems. However! Ordinarily, this is the kind of thing the left would keep pushing and, given enough time, would eventually get passed to a large degree.

The great news is that there’s simply not enough time to give. Socialism only takes off (gotta fly to crash) when a nation is strong, healthy, and rich. Depression, civil war, and dissolution will probably force these plans on hold at least long enough for the climate alarmism hoax and the rosy, friendly, we’re-gonna-do-it-right socialism lies to become obvious to even the dumbest survivors.