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I wrote this week’s column on the day (Monday) set aside to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday (this year’s celebration of his 90th). So it is, with humble pride, I commence with a quote from Dr. King:


Now the question that we face this evening is this: In the light of the fact that the oppressed people of the world are rising up against that oppression; in the light of the fact that the American Negro is rising up against his oppression, the question is this: How will the struggle for justice be waged?


-Martin Luther King, Jr., “Justice Without Violence,” April 3, 1957


The answer to King’s question, in global terms and in light of a new poll is, sadly: “With Slavish Stupidity.”


The poll is from the World Economic Forum, from the slave-masters straight out of Davos, Switzerland. That being said, a grain of salt ingested, the reported trends are in line with observable reality. A Majority of People, Worldwide, Support Globalism.


Globalism is merely a false face, gilded with money-chasing jealousy, greed, and ignorance, for worldwide Satanism – the total domination of all the world by a small handful of dedicated servants of the Prince of the World. It is more than the destruction of the Nations, more than the destruction of the family; it is the destruction of lives and souls.


How, then, could anyone, let alone a majority of people, support such insidious evil? The answer, thinks this author, lies partly in the misplaced hope and trust that generally good-natured people allow. Another part, a critical part, lies in the … I’m not trying to be unkind here … in the lower than desired intelligence of the people. The numbers for global support and for IQ match a little too closely for my liking.



PS: It really is an awesome article.

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